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Mountain Biking

Candle Creek Trails in Clearwater, BC  - 22km of new cross country mountain bike trails with fun flowy features, rocky outcrops and stunning views of the Raft Canyon from Sweet Jane and Raft Rim. Built and operated by the Wells Gray Outdoor Club, the main entrance to these trails is only 1.5 km from Cedar Haven Resort.  Stay with us and ride! 


This is full range riding – from green family friendly riding to a few black downhill trails. Many of the trails are rideable in both directions creating the opportunity for different loop options For shuttle access to the top of the network use Road and Road 90.  Check them out on Trailforks

mountain biking 2.jpg
mountain biking 4.jpg
mountain biking 3.jpg

images by Aedan Skinner @aedanskinner in collaboration with @tedwmorton

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